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Docks Chairperson: Dominic Losenno
Parks Chairperson: Cindy Comtois 
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New 2021 Municipal By-Laws Regarding waste management and backyard burning have been posted at 
Mail Boxes
Please do not throw flyers, advertising literature etc that fill our mail boxes on the ground for others to pick up. At times the area has looked very shabby and with respect to all we ask you to take your unwanted flyers home. Or please leave a note inside your mailbox for Canada Post that you wish to not receive flyers.
Current News
Parks Canada who manage our Trent Severn Waterways are in the process of transferring the administration of dock permits to the local municipality. It is very important that we maintain and abide by the existing rules and regulations so when this change occurs we are in 100 % compliance moving forward. 
The Dock Chairman will continue to be the liason between our association and the municipality for continuity purposes.
A reminder to our visitors and members, please do not leave any garbage behind for the local wildlife. The mess left behind is dangerous and unhealthy to our fellow members and volunteer helpers.
The garbage bins have from time to time been abused in the areas of the boat launch and beach areas. Please do not leave your boating garbage for others to pick up. We also ask that smokers please do not leave your cigarette buts in the sand at the beach area.
Dog Owners 
Dog owners need to be reminded we are a "stoop & scoop" community.This  includes the areas beside the road, around trees, on the grass areas either cut or uncut. We have volunteers who whipper snip and use their own equipment to cut grass that have come upon some stinky surprises. So please scoop the poop.  
Please respect our park lands, beaches and volunteers. 
We are a connected membership working together to further everyones safety in our community.
Looking forward to this 2021 fishing season !
Perch, Crappie and Sunfish are open year round on Pigeon Lake (Zone 17)
Walleye season opens the second Saturday in May.
Muskie season opens the first Saturday in June.
Large and Small Mouth Bass opens June 20th.
See you out on the lake !
Current 2021 Dock Fee is $50  
The Board of Directors, acting on behalf of the Association have authority over all Docks associated with the common parklands and docking spaces. In 2017 a dock fee was introduced to cover additional insurance liability costs for the docks. This is due by December 31st of each year to secure your existing dock space for the following season. This fee is in addition to your regular membership dues (by June 1st annually). 
These docks must comply with Rideau Canal and Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site of Canada, Policies for In-Water and Shoreline Works and Related Activities, revised in 2017 and the Association Launch Use and Dock Use Regulations.
Dock Users
Permission to modify or build a dock is mandatory and be submitted in writing to the Dock Chairman for review and approval. A permit will be acquired by the Dock Chairman to maintain all rules and regulations as dictated by the above governing bodies. 
Any questions or concerns contact the Dock Chairman for assistance.
The AVPOA Boat Launch is for the exclusive use and privilege of the AVPOA Association Members in good standing with regard to their Annual Association Membership Dues.
Access to the locked Boat Launch is provided by a numbered Access Key assigned to the homeowner, or Member who must be in good standing with regard to the Annual Association Membership Dues.
This key is to remain in the possession of the assigned Association Household, or Member.
Launch Keys are NOT TRANSFERABLE with the sale of a house. The key assigned to that AVPOA homeowner or Member is to be returned to the Dock Chairman.  
Keys for new Association Members are available from the Dock Chairman for a refundable deposit of $30.00.
LOST KEY REPLACEMENT IS $200.00 and is NON REFUNDABLE. Please contact the Dock Chairman, or a Board Member immediately if your key is lost.  
The Launch Gate is to be locked at all times when not used for immediate launch and recovery operations.
Launch Ramp Access is not to be blocked by vehicle parking. Parking for vehicles with trailers is provided alongside and parallel to Bay Island Drive. The angle parking designations for Beach and Parkland goers, it is not for trailer use.
The launch ramp and dock is to be used exclusively for daily boat launch and recover operations only.
An AVPOA Association Member may allow the use of the Launch to a visitor at their home, provided the Access Key is returned to the Member on a daily basis. 
The "Visitors Dock" is the designated dock space for visitors or guests for extended day or overnight use. As limited space is available its advised to notify the Dock Chairman in each case.  
Proof of key possession may be requested by the Association Executive to verify compliance with Launch Use Regulations.
Failure  to comply with these regulations could result in the loss of the assigned Launch Gate Key, any key refund, and launch use privilege. 
Current 2021 Dock Fee $50
(Must be an AVPOA Member in good standing with the regular Dues - $135 yearly) 
Dock spaces will be assigned upon availability and depending on the size of the boat by the Dock Chairman. The dock user must be a member in good standing with regard to the annual membership dues, and their dock fee. The dock fee is due by December 31st of each year to secure the space for the following season. 
One dock space on association land is allocated, if available to a household in good standing (yearly dues paid) and only if the home has a boat and uses the space regularly.
A dock space is defined as being one side of a dock. Meaning, a single existing dock is shared by two homeowners. They become "Dock Partners" and are responsible for the maintenance and safety of the dock.
A Member assigned a dock space may build a new dock. Dock building and maintenance costs must be shared mutually between both dock partners. A written agreement between dock partners may be mandated. It is mandatory to contact the Docks Chairman (in writing) for guidance, and compliance to all rules and regulations as they pertain to every dock owner on AVPOA land. 
Per Parks Canada our association is allowed a maximum of 27 docks. These dock spaces all belong to the association and are approved to be 4 feet wide x 25 feet long on our inside harbour and 32 feet long on the outside.  
Docking spaces are NOT "Grandfathered" nor transferable. This means, on the sale of the home with a previous assigned dock space, the space reverts to the Association's space inventory reassignment. The departing homeowner may take their dock with them or negotiate an agreed-upon amount with the dock partner. Abandoned docks or a portion (one side) shall revert to the Association. 
There is no requirement form Parks Canada (Trent-Severn Waterway) to remove docks from the water for the winter season. However, dock owners are solely responsible for damages, public and personal, caused by winter-damage for unsafe docks. 
Docks deemed unsafe and left in disrepair, as determined by the Dock Chairman and AVPOA will be removed for safety and insurance liability reasons. The dock owners will be notified in writing in advance of this removal.
Homeowners who do not follow the Dock Use Regulations, or keep their dock in good repair, will have their dock removed and both dock partners will lose their dock space and be in-eligible for another dock space. This rule will be strictly enforced.
NEW CONSTRUCTION, modification or repair of a dock mandates a permit from Parks Canada (Trent-Severn Waterway) to adhere to their policies. The Association holds the permits to our 27 dock spaces per Parks Canada. Our Regulations operate within the boundaries of the Parks Canada policies and state;
  • The maximum size of a dock with the Block "F" (beach island) inner bay is 4 feet wide by 25 feet in length or smaller. The distance between parallel docks (centre to centre) is 25 feet. 
  • The maximum size of a dock on the outside of Block "F" (Beach Island) and Block "B" (open shore park) Northeast corner is 4 feet wide by 32 feet in length. The distance between parallel docks (centre to centre) is 30 feet. 
  • All docks must be of firm and stable construction (floating or supported on legs) with a water clearance of 12 inches. All Docks must be well anchored and secure to the shoreline above the upper controlled navigation (water level). 
  • The maximum size of a dock access ramp is 4 feet wide by 10 feet long. 
  • No boat lifts or fingers off the docks are allowed. No patio or gazebo spaces are allowed on docks or their landing or ramps.  
All other dock construction details are available under Rideau anal and Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site of Canada, Policies for In-Water and Shoreline Works and Related Activities 2017, Policy 4 - Docks and Boat Lifts, Policy 5. Please contact the Docks Chairman for guidance and advice regarding all new construction of a dock. 
Note: AVPOA dock dimensions and regulations supercedes that of Parks Canada - Trent Severn Waterway. 


Boat Launch

1/  An Association Member (in good standing with current 2021-2022 dues) who is seeking a key to the boat launch may acquire one for $30.00.

2/  A lost key will cost $ 200.00

This is to maintain the privilege, security and privacy of our boat launch, and docks to our members only.
As we upload more information you will find current events, notifications or even alerts on this page. We live in a rural area and sightings of wild animals are seldom, still we encourage our residents to abide by "good common sense" to country living. By working together to keep our shared park lands and beach area clean of garbage will help maintain the enjoyment and safety for all members.
The AVPOA is on the Monitored System as each garbage bag is counted at the waste transfer station in Bobcaygeon. In past we have found the garbage pails at the boat launch overflowing with refuse from boaters, especially on long weekends. This garbage attracts racoons and bears who other than the mess they make are compromising the safety of everyone in the village. With consideration to our volunteers - Please take your garbage home!
We are a POOP N" SCOOP community!
Please clean up after your pet.

Please note; All dogs in public places must be kept on a leash. This is a municipality By-Law. With respect to a harmoneous relationship with our guests and residents  no dogs  are allowed on our private beach area. There is a dog park to the east of the parklands to accomodate your dogs exercise needs.

Please be aware of poison ivy at the dog beach. 

The link for Municipality Office  provides further information for:

  • Transfer Station (garbage dump)
  • Animal Control
  • Fire Bans & Permits
  • Fire Department
  • Ontario Provincial Police