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New Online Forms 
    In accordance with AVPOA Charter and Letters Patent, it is the volunteer directors who carry out the day to day business of maintaing & keeping records. All payables and receivables are part of the duties. Also includes membership information as mandated by our insurance provider to be updated yearly.
We have streamlined the forms:
1. Membership Form 
2. Boat and Dock User Form 
You will notice below the blue button "Click Here" takes you to the form that will prompt you for the same basic information as our old fashioned paper forms. When submitted the information goes directly to the Alpine Village email where it will be stored with the organised electronic files. 
For security purposes each form will prompt a spam code before submitting which is case sensitive. 
This online format will save time and paper for our volunteer board and be  convenient for our membership.
Standard paper copies of this form can still be found down at the mail boxes inside the message board and mailed or handed in to any director.
The AVPOA accept cash and cheques for the annual fees.
For other terms such as etransfer please contact the board at: 
Cheques can be mailed to:
Alpine Village Property Owners Association Inc.
15 Bay Island Drive.,
Trent Lakes, Ontario
K0M 1A0 
Online Membership Form 
Fiscal Year 2021-2022 
Annual Membership Fee is 
Due by June 1st of every year. 
Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Fee is $135.00 
By submitting this form, I agree to support the goals of the AVPOA volunteer Directors to carry out the day to day business of the association according to the Letters Patent, the Charter and the local Municipal By-Laws.
Thank You For Your Support 
Online Boat and Dock Form 
Fiscal 2021-2022
The annual Dock User Fee is $50.00
Due Dec 31 of every year.
This form is for the purpose of the docks chairman to help with security and inclement weather events where they may need to contact you in case of emergency. Our insurance provider has also mandated we keep current records regarding basic description of the boats and their owners who maintain docks attached to the shoreline. 
Please include as much detail about your boat in the space provided on the form such as color, make or model and your permit # if possible. 
Only Members in good standing with regard to their Membership Dues will be granted a dock space or a key to the launch gate. As dock spaces are limited, existing dock owners are encouraged to contact the dock Chairperson to secure their space by December 31st each year.
New requests for a dock space are not guarranteed. Nor is the suitability of draft and length for every boat. More information is available on the Docks and Parks page.
Or contact the Dock Chairperson at 
By submitting this form, I understand and aim to comply with the AVPOA Dock and Boat Launch Rules, the Trent Severn Waterway and the Municipality of Trent Lakes.  
 Thank You For Your Support
Spring 2021
In accordance with our Articles of Incorporation of 1978, and our Letters Patent the Annual Association Membership Fee is due Net 30 Days from July 1st of every year. These documents can be found on the secure Charter and By Law pages.
In 2017 a date change for the annual dues was approved by the membership to mandate the dues be due by June 1st of every year. So, the members who come to the spring AGM are members in good standing. Therefore, helping to make business decisions with their vote going forward.
Also in 2017, the dock fee was added and is due by December 31 of each year. This allows those with docks to secure their existing dock space for the following spring. 
Current 2021 -2022 Dues 
All Members $ 135.00
Dock Owners $50.00 
The AVPOA is the non-profit organization that promotes the best interests of its members, who own property in the lands named as section A, B, C, D, F and Block E of Plan 47 of the Township of Trent Lakes. 
It is no surprise the paper burden of legal and financial responsibility to carry on the business of the association has been increasing every year. The electronic age has enabled quick and precise transfer of information to the membership with our email and website capabilities. And has also made business with our insurance service providers, and government entities who we do business an easier task.
There are many ongoing responsibilities for the executive and just a few for the membership. So please read the Rules and Regulations. Your continued cooperation is required to either "click here" or sign a papre copy of yearly Membership Agreement/Dock Form  and return it with your Annual Dues. Either to a elected volunteer Director at the Spring Annual General Meeting, or by mail or email.
 We welcome any questions or concerns.  
Dues 2021-2022 
The upcoming amount for 2020-2021 is $135 per house without a dock space. If you have a designated dock space the total fee is $185 per the household. 
You may mail your cheque to the AVPOA address provided or electronic bank transfers is available. You may etransfer to Also, cash is always welcome but please do this in person in order to receive your receipt.  
Every year the dock spaces are limited so please contact the board if you wish to keep your dock space. There are rules and regulations that are dictated by the Trent Severn Waterway, and increasing legal reporting for the insurance coverage that must be understood by all boat and dock owners. Our files need to be updated yearly and a new dock form for 2021-2022 must be submitted. See "click here" Dock Form.
Paper forms are available at the message board, and will be available at the upcoming AGM or can be emailed to you per your request. 
Spring AGM 
The current pandemic situation has mandated new rules for social distancing and the Board of Directors are currently assessing how best to move forward to abide by the Provincial rulings for social gatherings.  
Any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the Board on the "Contact Us" page. We look forward to working with  the Membership to maintain the harmony of our wonderful community.  
Board of Directors
 About the Annual Dues
The annual Dues for upcoming year for the Association will soon be due. Only Members in good standing with regard to their membership dues will have the use of the park land, beach, docks, boat launch keys, and access to the secure web pages. 
Remember these dues are important as they are necessary to pay the yearly costs of taxes, insurance, hydro, and the maintenance on our shore's and park land which includes the bathroom rental at the dock area. 
Should you require more time to get caught up on your dues please contact the board on the Contact Us page.
Please send your cheque and a filled out Membership Form to:

Alpine Village Property Owners Association
15 Bay Island Drive,
Trent Lakes, Ontario
K0M 1A0
For our Members in Good Standing we thank you for your support.
You will find the Minutes and Reports following the AGM meeting on the Secure Membership Page. If you need help gaining access to this please go to the "Contact Us" page.
Alpine Village Directors Mission Statement
The Alpine Village Property Owners Association, AVPOA is a Not for Profit Corporation committed to providing the best possible services to its members, in a spirit of cooperation with associations and organizations with whom it conducts its business. 
The dedication of the Board of Directors who volunteer their time to managing the business of the association strives to:
1. With "due dilligence", and "without prejudice" carry out these business activities according to the Letters Patent and 1978 By-Law # 1 to:
  • Collect yearly dues from the membership.
  • Maintain the Taxes, parks maintenance, communication, special events, and any other costs that may be incurred out of the dues, while keeping accurate records as per the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010.
2. The Association works closely with its residents/members as well as all levels of government as part of the yearly business practices.
3. To promote and foster a sense of community spirit among the residents/members through the support of social events.

4. Provide leadership, and advocate for fair and reasonable service the peace and harmony for the members and guests of the association.

5. To promote water and boating safety. 

6. To inform residents about official plans, by-laws, and building codes affecting their property within the association. 
7. To maintain membership in FOCA, and other non-profit organizations that are dedicated to the purpose of conservation.
Alpine Village Property Owners Association 
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