Alpine Village Property Owners Association
    May 18, 2022
Introduction to AVPOA  
The following is a brief introduction to our community located at the north end of Pigeon Lake (approx 10 minutes east of Bobcaygeon) in Ontario, Canada. This website is a tool to comunicate current events and information to our membership.
Also to inform Realtors who deal with prospective buyers interested in our community. And direct new homeowners to this website, specifially the Docks & Parks open page for clarity regarding the AVPOA regulations and costs. 
On the public or open pages such as this Home Page you will find general information about our community. We also have secure password protected pages that contain reports and records for the association members to view. 
Our current Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for the use of this website are further down on this page.
On the Membership page we've included easy to use online Membership and Boat & Dock forms. Necessary records the volunteer directors require yearly. 
Important to everyone's privacy you will also find information on the Canadian Anti-Spam Law that came into affect on July 1st, 2014.
Any questions or concerns please use the Contact Us page and we will respond as promptly as possible.
Alpine Village Property Owners Association
15 Bay Island Drive,
Trent Lakes, Ontario, 
K0M 1A0
Events Page Snapshot 
FOCA (Lake Partner Program) data on condition of
Pigeon Lake 
The new 2022 By-laws for waste management and backyard burning permits can be found at 
As of July 2019 the cell phone line for Alpine has been cancelled due to lack of incoming calls and future cost savingsYou may still find the phone number listed on an older document so please remember this line has been cancelled.
New to this site on the Membership page are two easy to use Membership and Boat and Dock User Forms. Just hit the blue "Click Here" button and the form will appear on your screen. These forms are necessary for AVPOA records and we hope this tool eases the paper burden. 
Living the dream in Alpine !
 About the Association
The Alpine Village Property Owners Association (AVPOA) is a Not for Profit Association that is committed to providing specific duties and services to its membership. Doing this with the spirit of cooperation and other associations and organizations with whom it conducts its business.
The association is comprised of the membership who are the homeowners residing in Alpine Village. Since 1978 the members yearly nominate a select few to act on the Board of Directors at the spring Annual General Meeting (AGM). These dedicated volunteers who accept the leadership positions then carry forward the business of the association in good faith, without prejudice and due diligence for the Membership. 
The fiscal year is July 1st to June 30th of each year.
The AVPOA is governed by its Letters Patent and By-Laws from 1978 to most recent rulings defined by the Not for Profit Corporations Act, 2010
About this Website
The public Membership page is a quick reference guide for basic AVPOA community information. This also contains general information for the Directors, Membership (Forms), Mission Statement and Privacy Policy. 
The Events and Alerts is also a public page that contains information for meetings and various social activities hosted by the AVPOA. From time to time there may be alerts regarding fire restrictions, wild life activity or water system updates to be relayed for the safety of the membership.
The Parks and Docks page is a public page that expands on the cooperation of use for our parkland with regard to current events. Also municipality notices, Fire regulations (temporary fire restrictions) regulatory By Law changes are also posted here. For our boaters are the vital Trent Severn Rules and Regulations that governs our shoreline and waterways. There is extensive information provided on this page we encourage the membership who own a boat, looking for launch and docking priveleges are encouraged to re-visit each spring as the season approaches. The Docking Regulations, and Boat Launch Rules and Regulations found on this page will provide any changes you will need to be aware of.  
The Secure pages contain the business and private documents (reports, minutes, financials) for only the membership to view. These pages are password protected for security reasons. Members must be in good standing with their annual dues to access these pages. Should you require a paper copy of a document please go the Contact Us page and email your request. 
Thank you for your support.
 Board of Directors
Last edit Oct 12, 2021 
Fiscal Year July 1st, 2021 - June 30, 2022 
       Starting July 1, 2014 Canada's Anti-Spam Law will regulate all Commercial Electronic Messages sent or received by computer in Canada. This will include electronic newletters from other business affiliations and from the Alpine Village Property Owners Association.
Background: Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) was passed into law in December 2010 and comes in force on July 1, 2014. 

 There is a 3- year transition period, to July 1, 2017, for certain categories of "implied consent" as described in (a) to (c) below. CASL will regulate all "Commercial Electronic Messages" (CEMs) sent or received by computer in Canada, as well as a broad range of electronic/online activities, including digitally collecting email addresses without consent (address harvesting).
Notes;  * express consent does not expire; if someone subscribed to your email list before July 1, 2014, their consent stands until they indicate otherwise. Note: express consent cannot be obtained using a "pre-checked box" in an email; CASL is an "opt-in" regime.
* examples of implied consent that may apply to member lake association include:
a) recipient has an "existing business relationship" with a no-profit organization if the recipient was a member, purchased a prdict, good or service from the organization in the preceding two years; or, in the past six months, the organization recieved from the recipient an inquiry about a product, good or service.
b) recipient has a "non business relationship" with a non-profit organization if the recipient is not currently a member but was in the preceding two years, or volunteered for or donated to, the organization in the past two years.
c) recipient gave business card to sender, or recipient's electtronic address is "conspicuously published" (eg. online) and the recipient has not said " don't send me emails" and the CEM is relevant to the recipient's official role or duties.
Therefore; Where there is implied consent in an existing business or non-business relationship that has already included the communication of CEMs, "Businesses and people may take advantage of this transitional period (to July 1, 2017) to seek express consent for the continued sending of CEMs.
 Contact Information:


Federation of Ontario Cottage Association:
FOCA represents over 500 cottager associations. Providing support on property taxation, healthy and sustainable environments, effective land use planning, emergency services, rural crime, fire safety, and safe boating. 
Trent Severn Waterway and Parks Canada
These are Federal and Provincial agencies who govern the waterways, lakes. They provide the guidelines that the AVPOA advocate to the dock and boat owners of the association.
Township of Trent Lakes;  formerly the Galway/Harvey/Cavendish Township
This is the Municipal Agency that provides information of the local by-laws, information for Ontario Provincial Police, OPP, Fire Department, By-Law Officers for our law abiding citizens of the municipality.