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 The following Summary of Meeting Minutes
has been emailed to the membership. 
Online Membership Form
 1. Membership page & click the Blue Button 
2. Boat/Dock Form or both forms if applicable 
Docks are the Private Property of the boat owners.
No fishing, swimming or loitering allowed.  
Have you applied for your free residential burn permit ?  
Go to the Muncipality website for your fillable permit and find the local emergency services for a safe summer season.
 For those who enjoy a backyard bonfire we urge
you to use the online tool for your mandatory
annual Burn Permit on the Trent Lakes website. 
Reminder Membership Fee's are due, and past due for some. 
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The Membership and Boat/Dock Forms 
are now an easy click and send form
on the Membership page.

15 Bay Island Drive

Trent Lakes, On, K0M 1A0

posted Sept 9, 2016
Please see
 This website outlines the size of fire and location relative to combustible materials and property lot lines